Unlock PDF

Unlock PDF files quickly and easily online for free

Unlock PDF

If you no longer want the protection, you may quickly remove PDF password security from a PDF document you prepared. Simply enter the owner password and choose to remove the PDF security, leaving the document unlocked.

Your PDF is protected by a password that only authorized users may access. If the PDF is protected by a server-based security policy, only the policy author or a server administrator can make changes.

Methodology use to Unlock a PDF to remove password security:

• Open the PDF in ilovepdftools.

• Select “Tools” > “Protect” > “encrypt” > “remove Security”

• Depending on the type of password security that goes along with the document, different options are available. Click “OK” to remove the Document Open password from the document if it exists. If the document has a permissions password, enter it in the “Enter Password” box and click “OK”. Click “OK” again to confirm the action.