Convert PDF To TIFF

Convert PDF document to TIFF images online for free


With ilovepdftools online services, you may quickly convert a PDF to a TIFF for any purpose, such as organizing your files in order or for specific projects.

The acronym TIFF stands for TAG Image File Format; it was created by Aldus Corporation in the 1980s as a standard image format for scanned documents. Although a TIFF is not the smallest option for file compression, it is lossless and works best for high-quality photographs and high-resolution scans. It can also be used as a container for smaller JPEGs. A TIFF can preserve multiple pages and images in a single file, rendering it ideal for saving high-quality, detailed images.

If you are making use of internet imagery for desktop publishing, the TIFF will provide best-quality photos. It is also easier to modify images in TIFF files than in PDFs, and it is an excellent method to preserve detailed image data. Suppose you are focusing on a magazine cover in Photoshop and you need to add text over an image you have in a PDF. To remove the image from the PDF, utilize the simple tools at ilovepdftools online to convert the PDF to a TIFF file.

Methodology to use PDF to TIFF file:

• Click on the ‘Choose File’ and select or drag and drop the PDF file you want to convert. Select the option to ‘Convert all PDF pages’ to TIFF images or the option to ‘Convert specific pages’ to convert to TIFF images and click on Next button.

• If you select ‘Convert all PDF pages’ to TIFF images, the conversion starts automatically. A list of all PDF pages is shown if you choose to “Convert Selected Pages” to TIFF images. You can then choose which pages to convert to TIFF and click ‘Start extracting images.

• Lastly, after conversion, download your image file.