Convert TXT To PDF

Convert your TXT document to high-quality PDF online for free


The .txt file extension is not limited to Windows Notepad. It is a simple file type that can display most simple text-based files. Unlike PDFs, which are best suited for storing ideas on paper, TXT files can also be created in WordPad, TextEdit and other programs that work with the ASCII or Unicode character set. In contrast to a PDF, it works great for jotting down ideas.

Although they can display images and more complicated formatting, PDFs are also frequently text-based documents; even in these instances, the PDF format provides polish, professionalism, and finality to the information being presented.

PDF can be used as the finishing touch or as the initial step towards improving any content you could write in a TXT file. With more opportunities for editing, adding shapes and photos, sharing, discussing, and working together, a PDF can take the content in a TXT file to the next level.

Methodology to convert TXT to PDFs files:

• The Merge PDFs function in the ilovepdftools online services allows you to easily combine all of your TXT notes into a single PDF.

• You can locate your files manually or by dragging and dropping them into the conversion window.

• Highlight the files you require to combine and select.

• Once the converting process is finished, download your newly created PDF to send, share or keep.

If you need the files to stay separate but want to convert them all at once, follow these steps:

Firstly, click on the ‘Choose File’ button and select or drag and drop the PDF file(s) into the tool.