Rotate PDF pages

Rotate your PDFs online for free. You can select one or multiple pages and rotate them at once!

Rotate PDF

Welcome to the forefront of PDF manipulation, where our state-of-the-art Rotate PDF tool empowers you with unparalleled control over your documents.

Rotating PDF pages is fast and effortless with “I love PDF Tools” online web services. Upload one or more PDF files, then rotate specific pages or all the pages left or right and up or down.

I love PDF tools that allow you to rotate up to a maximum range of pages in a PDF online, with a total file size limit of up to 25MB. If you need to add more pages, then to cut down the file size, try to use our Compress PDF tool.

Later, by rotating PDF pages in horizontal or vertical mode, you can insert, reorder, or remove PDF pages. Maintain your file just as you want to create it with our online Organize PDF Tool.

Furthermore, spin PDF pages right-to-left or left-to-right in any web browser using any device. Just open “” and use PDF Rotate on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

“” always keeps safety and security measures as a priority in every PDF created with Moreover, we’ll wipe out your files from our main servers unless you sign in to save them to your account.

“” created the PDF format. When you use our online PDF tools to manage your content, you can trust their optimal quality, sustainability, and reliability.

Methodology to Rotate a PDF File:

• Choose files from your system or drop PDF files into the given zone.

• Select the page or pages you want to rotate.

• Click the save and download button and choose the right area where you want to save your document.

• Once the file has been downloaded, you can open and check that file on your system.