Convert PDF To BMP

Convert PDF document to BMP images online for free


There are times when you may need to convert your PDFs into high-quality image files. Follow these easy directions to learn how to convert a PDF into a BMP image.

Photographers and graphic artists frequently use bitmap, or BMP image formats to store uncompressed images. If you need to convert a PDF document into a high-quality digital picture, it is an excellent choice to convert into a BMP file. Despite this, BMPs can have very large file sizes, their superb picture quality more than makes up for the space they consume.

This guide shows you how to convert a PDF document into a BMP with ilovepdftools online services.

Typical applications for BMP files:

Nowadays, an increasing number of Android and Mac devices are also compatible with the BMP format, which is most effectively used on Windows computers and Microsoft software for illustrating high-quality photographs. It also has outstanding qualities for displaying files.

Advantages of PDF to BMP conversion:

In contrast to JPGs, BMP files never lose their quality with each edit or save; rather they process very quickly, maintain excellent color quality even after compression, and are in raster format, indicating the images within are made of pixels. This renders them optimal for 2D photography as they can store a wide range of colors and details.

Methodology to use PDF to BMP files:

Click on the “Choose file” button and select or drag and drop the PDF file you want to convert. Select the option to ‘convert all PDF pages’ to BMP images or the option ‘convert the selected pages’ and click on Next button.

If you select ‘Convert all PDF pages’ to BMP images, the conversion starts automatically. A list of all PDF pages is shown if you choose to “Convert Selected Pages” to BMP images. You can then choose which pages to convert to BMP and click ‘Start extracting images.

Lastly, after conversion, download your image file.