Repair PDF

Recover data from a corrupted or damaged PDF document

Repair PDF

There are various reasons why your PDF cannot be opened or seen, regardless of whatever program or browser you use. We have identified a solution to cure your PDF file with relation to some of these problems. It is really simple to use this PDF repair toolbox. All you have to do is upload your PDF file and then wait for us to work our magic. Once finished, you may get your restored PDF document.

Using ilovepdftools has a number of benefits. Firstly, it frees up space on your phone or hard drive that would otherwise be occupied by a program, software, or app. Secondly, you are protected from viruses and malware because you are not required to install any potentially malicious files—all you download is a fixed PDF file. The question arises why would you need to fix PDF files? The answer to this question is that it can happen that your PDF file becomes corrupted when you mail it, transfer it across computers or systems, or get it from an outdated hard drive. It can also happen that your PDF broke during the creation process. You may now try it for free and solve some of the problems that are keeping you from opening your PDF file.

When you fix a PDF file, you want to know that it is safe. Ilovepdftools can help you feel more at ease with our extensive safety measures. Our servers are secured, files are periodically removed, and your PDF document remains your property throughout the entire process. We do not take ownership of your documents or manually review them. With ilovepdftools, you and your files are safe. Since our main focus at ilovepdftools is converting and editing PDF files, any other type of document you try to repair will first be converted to PDF before the remedy is applied, and the final file you receive will always be a PDF document.

The reason our online PDF repair is available online is so you can carry our portable PDF repair toolbox with you everywhere you go! You can use it on trains, planes, vacations, at home, at work, or anyplace else with an internet connection to fix PDF files. You can also use it on tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, and other devices.