Convert PDF To PNG

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Internet users established the PNG, or Portable Network Graphic, as an alternative to the GIF that would have greater color support and not require a license. PNG is a raster image file type, which means that it is a grid of square pixels with a range of values. The PNG is more commonly utilized in online creation and professional settings due to the fact that it maintains the high quality of images without slowing down load times. Unlike a GIF, it doesn’t support animation, but it can manage high-quality static images, such as web graphics.

Web designers love PNGs because they support transparency, which enables them to create charts and graphics in any size or color and add a logo or other design element over a background color or image. PNGs additionally provide millions of color options that strengthen the quality and detail of the image in a lossless format. Ultimately, PNGs are universal and can be viewed and edited in virtually any browser or program.

The primary distinction between these two file formats is that a PNG is an image and a PDF is a document. The most frequent scenario in which a PDF needs to be converted to a PNG is when it includes one or more images that you need to edit or utilize in another location. Since both file formats are frequently used in professional contexts, it is useful to have the flexibility to adjust them as needed. Additionally, because PNGs are lossless, they are an excellent choice for preserving image quality when compressing them into PDFs, and using the ilovepdftools online converter tool makes this process simple.

Methodology to use PDF to a PNG file:

Navigate to the convert PDF page on ilovepdftools online. Click the blue button labeled “Choose file” or drag and drop the file into the drop zone to upload your PDF.

Select the option to ‘convert all PDF pages to PNG images’ or the option to ‘select specific pages to convert to PNG images’ and click on download.