Group PDF files into ZIP

Compress PDF files into a single, compressed ZIP file for easier storage and sharing

PDF into ZIP

Whether you are emailing essential files for a job application or collecting instructional materials for your team at work, sending documents electronically is likely an inevitable part of your life, both personal and professional. We have some tips to make the process operate more smoothly. In this short guide, learn how to quickly create a PDF Zip File for others using, so you can inform others of important information.

Methodology to use PDF to Zip file:

• Method to compress a PDF into Zip file.

• Method to Zip a PDF on a Mac.

Method to compress a PDF into Zip file:

One simple option to make your files smaller for sharing is to use the ilovepdftools Compress PDF tool. If you are sharing several files, you might also want to compress them into a ZIP folder. Here’s how to accomplish that:

1.Find your PDF file in your files.

2.Highlight multiple PDFs and perform a right-click on each one.

3.Click to “Send to” and “Compressed (zipped) folder”.

4.Your PDF file will be compressed into a ZIP folder and its ready to share.

Method to Zip a PDF on a Mac:

To use a Mac to compress a PDF or collection of PDF files:

1.In order to select the PDF you want to compress, use control-click and compress.

2.You can now share your PDF once it has been saved as a ZIP file.

PDFs are typically compressed into a ZIP file in order to be emailed. Certain email clients have a maximum attachment size; Microsoft Outlook. For instance, only permits 20 MB of files to be sent in an email. Once you know how to zip a PDF file, you can send multiple files in an email.

The quality and layout of the PFD can be impacted by the compression level; therefore, it is critical to use a tool that lets you customize the compression level so you can make the right choice. If the majority of your PDF is text, there should not be any noticeable changes from the compression; however, images may lose resolution.